Songs that prove the British rapper is in a lane of his own

It’s fair to say U.S Rap has made more of a splash across the pond than vice versa. States Rap has been big in Britain since the Golden Age of the 1990s, whereas Grime music has failed to capture an American audience since its revival in the early 2010s. Some…

The best punchlines from one of New York’s finest ever MCs

An artist I’ve referenced in my previous articles, Big L was arguably one of the greatest MC’s of all time. His voice was instantly recognisable, he had a unique flow, and his pen game was witty and funny. Whilst he may not have reached the heights of a Biggie, Tupac

Addressing the lack of tolerance in the beautiful game

There is a blight on the footballing landscape. It is not trivial matters like VAR or FFP, but a lack of diversity, or a lack of tolerance to minority groups, in the sport. This article has been one I have pondered for a long time, but my inspiration behind it…

Lewis Pearce

22. First Class Law (LLB) Degree Graduate based in North-West England. Writing on a mixture of topics, including music, film, football and gaming.

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