Addressing the lack of tolerance in the beautiful game

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There is a blight on the footballing landscape. It is not trivial matters like VAR or FFP, but a lack of diversity, or a lack of tolerance to minority groups, in the sport. This article has been one I have pondered for a long time, but my inspiration behind it has finally taken shape and with the current debates on the “kneel” in the national team, this is the perfect moment to face head on the game’s archaic handling of issues such as race and sexuality.

Before I get to the main focus of race, I would like to look…

My personal selections of the best rock lead singers

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I’d like to start this article with a little anecdote. When I saw Royal Blood touring their second album a couple of years ago, they had a couple of opening acts. One of the acts particularly caught my eye, as the lead singer was acting uncontrollably and erratically on stage, and seemed to be a bit of an arse. It was a shame, really, as the band seemed pretty good. The point I’m getting at is, you need a good leader for a band, and usually, it is the lead singer, as they are what people first hear when they…

Annoying habits in the current Hip-Hop Landscape

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It is apparent that in the hip-hop landscape today, people will follow what is popular. It is also clear that people will follow where the money leads them. These issues that plague modern rap are only for the benefit of the label, with one simply being a petty grievance of mine. Therefore, my hope is that they disappear for good. However, first we must address them.

Deluxe editions of albums

Steps to improve the blue side of Merseyside

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Following the disappointing 10th position finish this season, and the news of manager Carlo Ancelloti’s departure to Real Madrid, Everton are again at a crossroads. Ever since David Moyes left for Manchester United in 2013, the club has been attempting to push on from potential European qualifying to household European name, but for various reasons have never achieved this objective. To do this, they will need to build on their solid foundation of players and hire a manager who plays with a clear philosophy, whilst balancing the books. …

The Best Beats, Lyrics and Songs of Hip-Hop’s Different Eras

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“Hip-Hop in the past was so much better.” How many times have you heard that? Whilst it may have been objectively better, there was less variety, and less commercial success. This article will look at the best opening and closing bars, the best storytelling song, the most emotional song and the best song concepts from the 90s, 00s and 10s.

Most Iconic Opening Bar

90s Most Iconic — Tupac’s Hail Mary

“I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy”

The best musical collections for theatrical releases

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Let me ask you a question — does a film’s soundtrack improve the quality of a poor film, or make a good film bad? It is an interesting question, as great films, such as Star Wars, are remembered for their amazing original scores, so can a curated soundtrack boost a film’s popularity? Sometimes, films are remembered more so for their music choices than the plot or characters, so getting it right can be pivotal into making it a cult classic or solidifying its legendary status. …

How 20 years have aged the Ogre well

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My respect for the Guardian has all but gone. Even though they have produced some absolute abysmal articles in the past, I always thought they were rather unbiased and their work helped a lot with my English Language A-Level. But if you come after the King, you better make sure you don’t miss. And oh boy, how they have missed. You may wonder, did they make any interesting points to back their claims? No, they didn’t, and the click-bait article was rightly lambasted by twitter users upon its publication. …

Who wins out of these major rivalries?

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Every style of music has its rivalries, whether it is down to the artists disliking each other or the fans creating “us” or “them” type of attitude. For example, people will always pick between Oasis and Blur due to their similar Britpop styles and same active period, either if the band never trash-talked or actively disliked the other. Other times, it can be created by the acts, due to a one-off incident or clash of big egos. However, who would win in a battle, determined by their size, and who do I personally prefer? Let’s find out.

Black Keys vs Jack White

What can gaming staples do to give the fans what they want?

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I’m not sure whether it’s nostalgia talking, but it feels like every major gaming franchise is going through the mill. Yearly releases, such as FIFA and Call of Duty, are failing to capture the imaginations of fans, hitting a rut of unimaginative releases and trying to secure the biggest profits, rather than innovating. Even games which have attempted to reinvent the wheel, such as Assassins Creed, have moved away from its stealth-orientated routes, and now plays as a Witcher-style RPG, losing its core foundation. …

Ways in which creatives struggle to innovate their style

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The sophomore project — the dreaded term hated by most creatives. How do you top your first work, especially if it is well received? This is a slippery slope, because the work has to be practically perfect, balancing both old styles and new ideas. Some musicians have continuously innovated, to the point where their new work seems like a different person created it. Other times, these creative people make the same thing over and over. This article will look at the struggle to push the boundaries of your sound whilst also maintaining your core fanbase, and why this struggle exists.

Not innovating

Lewis Pearce

21. Currently studying LLB Law (Hons) in North-West England. Writing on a mixture of topics, including music, film, football and gaming.

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