Debating the positives and negatives of fine margins

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Football, especially in England, is fast and physical. It requires officials to be perfectly placed, to call decisions that can sometimes be impossible to judge with the naked eye. Add to this the pressure of fans, players and how important these decisions can be for teams and it can be too much for some referees. The abuse these officials get on a match day and on social media is wrong, but the benefit of hindsight for spectators calls their decisions into question, especially when slowed down. Therefore, the introduction of the Video…

Why certain artists seemingly make one well known song and disappear

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Throughout the history of the music industry, most popular artist or bands have had one major breakout song which people forever associate with the act. It is the song people will come to shows for, that people will think of when a friend asks “do you like _____?”, and what people will define that act as. However, some artists burst onto a scene with a popular hit debut, but for various reasons, seemingly disappear from the mainstream, like footprints on a beach. They may still make music, and may even still be popular in small circles, but the exposure they…

Are memes the perfect marketing tool for the arts?

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It is crazy to think how meme culture has developed in the last 10 years. The original meme formats, such as Success Kid and Bad Luck Brian, have now been all but discarded, and instead we are left with limitless possible memes that continue to expand even now. That is the things with memes — there is no real age at which people cannot enjoy them, because they are so diverse. “Facebook moms” tend to enjoy minion memes, dads will enjoy dad jokes within a meme, and there are some which suit NSFW and “normie” personalities.

But where does this…

An International Sports Law student’s analysis

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The recent announcement of the European Super League was a surprise to many, but to those up to date on the issue, it was not the biggest shock. Why I was aware is due to researching the area for a presentation for my University Law Degree, which in hindsight was the perfect area to discuss. Now, with the research I have conducted on the area, I will attempt to use my prepared speech to enlighten those to what is currently occurring to the beautiful game.

F.Y.I. — I am a law student, so the…

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I wanna start off this list by stating I think these are excellent rappers, who have produced some incredible songs over the years. However, in my opinion, whilst they can make hits and deep cuts, they cannot sustain consistency over an entire full length album. However, when they appear as a guest feature on other people’s music, they fully bring their A game and sometimes are the best part of a song. This is why I coined the term “feature artist”, where an artist would be perfectly suited to just feature on a few songs per album. …

Tackling the reasoning behind the rise of the dive

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Whilst watching the Champions League group game between FC Barcelona and Juventus, the commentators clearly were disgruntled at the actions of some of the players on display. This culminated with the co-commentator calling for “a coming together of players to try and cut down on the misleading and deliberate actions causing damage to the game”. Firstly, I don’t think that ‘a coming together’ will be allowed to happen anytime soon with the global issue currently occurring, but I began to think about potential different reasons why diving and playacting may be…

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In the history of the Premier League, there are certain players who have stood the test of time and are constantly on the lips of pundits and fans, even after they have either left or retired from their clubs. When you think of classic encounters from the early 90s and onwards, your mind instantly wanders to greats like Beckham, Gerrard and Henry. However, there are some players who came and went like a flash in a pan, but whose impact in their short time was so big that it means they are remembered fondly by diehard Premier League fans. …

Common misconceptions about rap from those who do not listen

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Before I started listening to the genre 5 years ago, I believed the outdated expectations of what rap music is. However, I am now aware of how wrong they can be, and how damaging they can be. For example, rappers are often deemed as unintelligent, like sports stars, and only interested in illegal acts such as being a part of a gang or dealing drugs. This is particularly alarming, considering the fact that these types of people to hold this opinion associate this music with African-Americans. These prejudices are harmful, and typically from older members of the population and those…

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A once behemoth club in world football, Barcelona’s slide from prominence was cemented in their recent 8–2 demolition by Bayern Munich in this year’s Champions League quarter final tie. This was only the tip of the iceberg for the club’s failures over the last 3 years, having a rather lacklustre time in both domestic and international competitions. Having allowed Roma and Liverpool to come back from impossible odds in their two previous Champions League outings, the club has been in decline ever since Neymar left the side for Paris Saint-Germain. …

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Whilst I have shown my affinity for rap in previous posts, my first genre love was that of rock music. Although I love modern rap music, I will always switch back to rock every now and then. Now, some of the bands listed have been in my music library for a while, and some are only recently added. Nevertheless, all the bands here are certified quality, even if they are not currently breaking onto the scene. So, here are 10 bands which I believe prove that the Rock Scene is not dead.

1. Sick Joy

Monthly Spotify Listeners — 2,632

Best Project —…

Lewis Pearce

21. Currently studying LLB Law (Hons) in North-West England. Writing on a mixture of topics, including music, film, football and gaming.

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